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SEO is crucial for your business

Recent research confirms that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most effective method for generating new leads for your business in today’s competitive digital landscape. To capture valuable clients searching for your services online, it’s crucial to market your website as you would any other product.

With more prospects relying on search engines like Google and Bing!, an optimised website that ranks well for relevant search terms is essential. Failing to prioritise SEO means missing out on valuable traffic and potential opportunities, allowing competitors to gain an advantage.

What is


SearchPulse is a specialised Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service tailored exclusively for SME businesses. We understand the unique needs and challenges in today’s digital landscape. Our comprehensive SEO strategies are designed to enhance your online visibility, increase organic traffic, and generate high-quality leads, helping you outshine the competition and achieve your business goals.

First step

Supercharging your Google Business Profile

Having an exceptional Google Business profile page is of utmost importance for your business, particularly in terms of local SEO. A well-optimised profile increases your visibility in local search results, helping potential clients find your business when searching for your services in your area.

By accurately providing location information, business hours, and relevant keywords, you improve your chances of appearing in local map packs and attracting local clients, thereby boosting your overall SEO efforts.

Second step

Getting your website SEO ready

The second step towards optimising your businesses website for SEO is conducting thorough keyword research. By identifying the specific search terms and keywords your potential clients are using to find your services, you can strategically incorporate them into your website’s content, meta tags, and headings.

This initial research sets the foundation for targeting the right audience and improving your website’s visibility in search engine rankings.

Third step

Regular unique relevant content for your business

Regularly publishing unique and relevant content is paramount for your business. with SearchPulse, we take it a step further by providing a personalised touch. Each month, we curate and publish a tailored article to your blog, ensuring fresh and engaging content for your audience. We also extend the reach of your thought leadership by sharing these articles on your social media pages, maximizing your online presence and establishing you as a trusted authority in the industry.

Free for 12-months with a TOV grant


If you have under ten employees you will qualify for the trading Online voucher scheme (TOV). You will get a free 12-month subscription to SearchPulse.

When the free 12-month period finishes, there is a €99+vat per month subscription charge for SearchPulse. You do not have to sign-up to any contract, we just charge per month by direct debit if you wish to continue.

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